Marketing with Custom Printed T Shirts

Custom Printed T Shirts are very popular at the moment, and even small sole traders are making a profit by coming up with designs or slogans and selling the shirts. The “I’m Fine” range that had a blood stain on each shirt helped turn an idea into a business.

There are different products to suit every budget

Modern technology has lowered printed T shirt manufacture costs, which means that even small companies can afford Custom Printed T Shirts.  A large business may afford things such as caps, jackets and shirts, so that their staff are ready for any weather conditions during a trade or sales event. If you are a smaller business then you can lower costs even further by having Custom Printed T Shirts printed in just one colour. If you want to concentrate on the message as a priority, then white shirts with black ink may be all that you need.

Wear them or sell them

Staff may wear them at work, but you may also give them away to the general public and contest winners. You could even sell the shirts on your premises, or behind bars, and hang them near the exits and entrances.

Be creative if you want to get the message across

If you are using your shirts to spread your marketing message, then be a little creative. Sponsor a wet T shirt competition and people will spend hours staring at your shirts. If you run a dating site then have your better looking employees walk around in shirts that say, “If you were on you would be holding my hand right now.”