Advice for building a business video

The term “business video” covers quite a few different kinds of videos, such as adverts, tutorials, brand-building videos etc. If you create a poor quality video, you may damage your business or online reputation. If you create anything short of a brilliant and engaging video, then you – and your message – may simply be ignored.

Here is a little bit of advice to set you on the path to creating a high quality business video:

  • Check to see whether your competitors have any business videos

Your competitors are very likely to have one or two videos to their credit. If they don’t, ask yourself why. If your established competitors aren’t doing the things you’re considering, there’s a good chance that at least one of them has tried to in the past and found that, for whatever reason, they enjoyed little success.

  • Pick your cover image very carefully

The cover image is the picture that a person sees when they come across your embedded business video. You are able to pick a frame of your video and display it as a “still” in the hopes that somebody will click on it and choose to watch the rest of your video. Do not leave your cover image to chance; you must pick one that is suitable for your video and tempting to your target audience.

  • Change a printed advert into a business video

If you have a printed or online advert that has been very successful, think of ways in which you could transmit the same message via video. It may be possible to use the text and marketing tag line as spoken words on your video. You may also be able to replicate the visual appearance of your printed or online advert, using similar visual effects or images as a starting point when creating your video.